Dear Room 8 Parents,

We have had a great first week back at school.

Math update

Students have learnt the language of probability. They understand what is probability and and can tell what are the chances of something happening in the correct vocabulary e.g. certain, unlikely, likely, possible, impossible, never, probably not etc.

In week 2 we have moved on to Fractions and students now understand the concept of part and whole. We are learning that half of something is one part of the two equal parts of a whole. We tried to grasp this concept by looking at pictures,  coloring in parts and cutting fruits into different parts like half, third and quarter. We will continue to work on this for the next couple of weeks.

Inquiry update

In our inquiry this term we are inquiring into the concepts of health and well-being. Students are looking at these concepts through the topic Animals. We are going deeper into different types of Animals such as mammals, amphibians, birds, fish and reptiles. Stu…
Dear All,

Welcome back for Term 4.

We have had a fabulous start to our first week back at school.

Our new inquiry unit is around Health and Well-being. Students have all made a clay Pet. They will be learning to take care of their pets and understanding what their pets need for basic survival. Students will attempt to make a home for their pets next week. I would like to request you to save the following material for this project and bring it to class by Monday 21st October.

-paper wrappings
-paper cutting
-shoe box size cardboard
-small containers/cups for food/water for pets
-flower wrappings
- plastic colorful small lids
-colorful transparent paper
- anything else students can use to make their pets comfortable

Thank you for all your support.

Kind regards,
Prachi Malhotra

Class Update

Dear Parents,

We have had a great learning week with special focus on Maori Language. Students now know some basic instruction in Moari Language, please ask them to share with you this weekend.

 I am still looking for parent volunteers, if you are able to come into the class please send me your day and times. I am looking for help starting 10:00 am on any day for 45 minutes or from 11:00-11:45 am.


After comparing our chosen country with Australia last week, we were able to make a T chart for a country sort where we looked at icons, buildings, maps, food etc from both countries and sorted them under the correct country showcasing their understanding of the concepts taught. Students are going to start reflecting on their inquiry next week. Students worked on their Pepeha and did a fabulous job completing these this week.

Students learnt about Australian Aboriginal Art this week. Please ask them to show you a sample this weekend. Our calendar art is about the Canadian artist Te…